Innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills in makerspaces

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This output focuses on the development of training materials for teachers and educators. A collection of resources will become available as Open Educational Resources and enable teachers/educators to use the assessment solution in makerspace settings.

The resources will include guidelines and recommendations for teachers in the form of a handbook, examples, illustrations and more.
Training materials will be developed for teachers/facilitators of makerspaces. This will be training in the definition and assessment of 21st C Skills, use of the digital tool including the teacher specific functionality and how to onboard and support students in use of the tool.

More specifically, the training materials will include:

  1. Introduction to the maker movement and the role of makerspaces in education with a focus on the development of 21st C Skills (e.g. collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving).
  2. Documentation highlighting the need for tools to assess the aforementioned skills
  3. Introduction to the ASSESSMAKE21 digital tool/solution, how to use tutorial and guidelines, and learning scenarios that will exemplify the use of the tool/solution in makerspace settings.

1st version of the ASSESSMAKE21 handbook: click here (Date: Sept 2021)