Innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills in makerspaces


ASSEMAKE21 in a nutshell

As the maker movement is increasingly adopted into K-12 schools and nonformal makerspaces, students have more opportunities to generate unique, personalized projects and artifacts, such as computer programs, robots, DIY electronics, and develop new competencies and skills necessary in the workplace of the 21st century. However, assessment of these skills is not easy, particularly within these open-ended environments where students create unique solution paths to problems, interact with peers, and act in both the physical and digital worlds.

The goal of the ASSESSMAKE 21 project is to provide, pilot, and validate novel assessment methods and tools for the assessment of 21st century skills. Pilot studies will take place in maker space settings in Ireland, Sweden, Greece, and Cyprus. The findings and the results from the pilots will be reported in an evaluation report.


* learners in makerspaces aged 12 -18 years

* secondary school teachers engaged with makerspaces

* nonformal educators and facilitators working in makerspaces


Pilot studies will take place in 5 schools and 4 non-formal
maker spaces in Ireland, Sweden, Greece, and Cyprus. 


A digital solution to assess 21st century skills for teachers and students and related Open Educational Resources (OERs)


1 teacher training activity, 4 multiplier events and several dissemination activities targeting the school community.

Intellectual Outputs

Four (4) intellectual outputs (IOs) were produced during the project.

Output 1 (IO1) – Assessment and Tool Design

Click the link below to learn more about the design process for the ASSESSMAKE21 digital soluiton as well as insights into the design concepts that that feature in the final soluton.

Output 2 (IO2) – Digital Solution

Click the link below to find out how you can access the ASSESSMAKE21 digital solution.

Output 3 (IO3) – Teacher Training

Click the link below to access the user guides and other training material that were produced to help maker spaces to use the ASSESSMAKE21 digital solution.

Output 4 (IO4) – Pilot and Evaluation

Click the link below to learn more about the piloting of the ASSESSMAKE21 digital solution in maker spaces across Europe.

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Greek multiplier event

The Assessmake21 multiplier event took place on June15-16 2022 in a school complex centrally located in Athens (Greece). The school staff of the complex, teachers, educational advisors and representatives of[…]

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The Erasmus+ multiplier event in Greece for “innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills” is just around the corner! Would you like to know how to encourage your students[…]

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Learnovate Centre at Trinity College Dublin (coordinator)


Cyprus Interaction Lab


European Lab for Educational Technology


Karlstad University


Dublin City University


Dublin Maker Space


Pierce- The American College of Greece (Associated partner)


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