Innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills in makerspaces

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Check our press release

We are pleased to announce that a new press release is now available. The press release summarizes important milestones reached during the past months of the project implementation period. Reference is also made to past and upcoming events. Click here to download the press release. It is also available in Swedish and Greek

Online multiplier event (GR)

Η διαδικτυακή εκδήλωση του προγράμματος Erasmus+ στην Κύπρο για το εργαλείο αυτο-αξιολόγησης Assessmake21 έρχεται! Είσαι εκπαιδευτικός ή εργάζεσαι σε makerspaces; Σε ενδιαφέρει η κατασκευή τεχνημάτων (φυσικών και ψηφιακών δημιουργιών) και η εκπαιδευτική αξιοποίηση σχετικών πρακτικών; Σε ενδιαφέρει η ένταξη της αυτο-αξιολόγησης σε εκπαιδευτικές πρακτικές και αναρωτιέσαι πώς μπορείς να βοηθήσεις τους μαθητές σου να αναπτύξουν…
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Multiplier event in Cyprus

The Erasmus+ multiplier online event in Cyprus for Assessmake21 digital self-assessment tool is coming soon!  Are you an educator or makerspace facilitator? Are you interested in making?  Would you like to know how to promote self-assessment and help your students develop their 21st century skills while they are working in making activities?  If so, register…
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Multiplier event in Sweden

On the 16th of March our partner, Karlstads University, organised the multiplier event with the brief “Digital tools in teaching technology in school – with inspiration from the maker movement”. The event took place in a hybrid mode to allow both physical and online participation attracting the interest of 60 individuals. The participants had the…
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3rd project management meeting

Our 3rd transnational project management meeting (organised by Karlstads universitet) (TPM3) took place online today! We all together reviewed the current status of the pilots with students and teachers/educators in formal and non-formal makerspace contexts in Ireland, Cyprus, Greece and Sweden. Special focus was also placed on the reporting of the findings of the pilot…
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Greek pilots are well underway

We just received pictures from the Greek formal pilot site, Pierce College. The pilots in the Greek makerspace contexts are in progress. The students use the assessmake21 tool to assess the skills that they practice while they are going through the different stages (research, brainstorming, sketching, 3d modeling, prototyping, circuitry) of their maker project titled…
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ASSESSMAKE21 at the Wi3DP Sarajevo workshop

EDUMOTIVA presented the ASSESSMAKE21 project at the Wi3DP Sarajevo workshop that took place online on January 31, 2022. The online presentation revolved around the maker movement in education and the innovative digital solution towards assessing 21st century skills in makerspaces. Find more about the workshop: (incl. agenda) Screenshot from the presentation:

Assessmake21 on Scientix

Very proud to announce that our project has been published on the Scientix online platform. Scientix is the number one community for science education in Europe. It aims to promote and support a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other educational stakeholders to inspire students to pursue careers in the field…
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Pilots in makerspaces

Happy to inform you that the pilots in makerspaces (formal and non-formal) have started. Teachers and students from Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and Sweden are engaged in creative maker activities using the #Assessmake21 tool! Stay tuned more updates will follow.

ASSESSMAKE21 at Roboscientists conference

On October 11, 2021 Edumotiva team presented the ASSESSMAKE21 project at the Roboscientists virtual conference. The conference which was organised by the Technical University of Warsaw involved plenary sessions and practical workshops and attracted the interest of 230 individuals. The project objectives, context and results were presented in the conference by Rene Alimisi.