Chris Reina joins our multiplier event

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We are happy to announce that Chris Reina from the MakerMeet IE will be with us on the 28th of January! 

His speech entitled “Making a Maker” will help us understand the notion of making and what a maker is. The need to engage young people in making activities and supporting them in exploring learning opportunities towards making will be also stressed.   

About Chris Reina: 

Chris has been involved in education since 2002, technology since 1981 and Making since 1971. (You do the maths) He is part owner of MakerMeet IE who provide practical skills in Maker education and project-based learning. He believes that we are all Makers and is passionate about learning through making. MakerMeet use the Constructionist approach to learning as set out by Seymour Papert and this underpins the student-centred, discovery-led S.T.E.A.M. workshops that they provide to the education, enterprise and private sectors. Chris loves cats, kayaking, kite-flying, steampunk, pedantic semantics and knowing the meanings of ligatures, aglets, gallibanders and lexiphanic. It is often said he is terribly modest (but not by him). 

Where to find Chris: