Innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills in makerspaces

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C1 training activity | 28-30 September 2021 | 17h00-19h00 CET

Training agenda: click here

Note: The training activity combines online sessions and offline hands-on practice

Day 1

Video recording: click here

Presentation 1- Overview of the ASSESSMAKE21 project click here

Presentation 2- Maker Education click here

Presentation 3- 21st century skills and the need for assessment click here

Presentation 4- The Design process of the ASSESSMAKE21 tool click here

Presentation 5- Get started click here

Other resources: click here

Day 2

Video recording: click here

Presentation 1: Introduction to the teacher’s dashboard click here

Presentation 2: Introduction to the students’ dashboard click here

Examples of maker activities /projects: File 1 | File 2

Credentials for teachers: no longer available – please contact your local organiser

Day 3

Video recording: click here

Educator’s dashboard part 2 click here

The handbook: click here

What’s next: towards the pilots

Videos demonstrated during these 3 days: